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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ResumeFree™ work?

We combine behavioural science, recruitment knowledge, and data compilation to provide our employers with sufficient data to make better-informed decisions. Check out more details on our slide deck here.

We provide a link to you that is unique to your screening process, which includes pre-screen questions and access to a soft-skills assessment. All the answers that the candidates provide are supplied directly to you in one easy-to-read spreadsheet. The results are updated in real-time with twice daily pushes from our assessment. This means that you can act fast on the top candidates in today's market.

What makes ResumeFree™ different from other services like Indeed or Zip Recruiter?

Screening candidates take up a significant amount of time for hiring managers. Unlike other recruitment software, ResumeFree™ focuses solely on streamlining the screening process. We provide screened candidates from your talent pool to enable you to interview quicker with better knowledge and understanding of each candidate.

What do I need to do to get the process started? 

Sign up at an employer and let us know what role you are hiring for. We will send you some information about the Ideal Candidate Profile and also make a shortlist of questions for you to choose from. You let us know what questions you would like to ask the candidates as a preliminary step.

How much does it cost?

We offer three different model types for different usage of our process.

  • StartUp - $ 299/month USD
  • Enterprise $ 4999/month USD
  • Pay as you go $ 2499/use USD

Each use is for any job posting that you have applicants that you would like screened. So it could be the same job posting four times or four different roles.

Where do I see the data?

We directly connect you to the screen results for real-time access to the data. So whether or not they match your criteria, every application is submitted to the results.

What's included?

We work with you to build your Ideal Candidate Profile. We then provide you with the measurements for that Ideal Candidate Profile via a link to our tool. You share that link as far and wide as you'd like; there are unlimited uses for it. Once you've determined top candidates, we can then provide you with our Best Hire Booster™ reports. These provide additional data on how to keep candidates engaged as employees and utilize their strengths to a great capacity. These specialized reports can help our clients keep their newly hired staff, at a rate of 97%!

What's not included?

Unfortunately, we don't manage or post the job externally. That's on you. We found our clients liked to see the candidates as they came in and shared the link with them, rather than us doing it for them. However, if you don't have time to post or manage the candidates, our partner, River City Recruiting & HR, can assist you.